A linear epitope coupled to DsRed provides an affinity ligand for the capture of monoclonal antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) dominate the market for biopharmaceutical proteins because they provide active and passive immunotherapies for many different diseases. However, for most mAbs, two expensive manufacturing platforms are required. These are mammalian cell cultures for upstream production and Protein A chromatography for product capture during downstream processing. Here we describe a novel affinity ligand…

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Iodixanol (Optiprep), an improved density gradient medium for the iso-osmotic isolation of rat liver peroxisomes

The suitability of Iodixanol {5,5′-[(2-hydroxy-1, 3-propanediyl)-bis(acetylamino)] bis-[N,N’-bis(2, 3-dihydroxypreopyl-2,4,6-triiodo-1,3-benzenecarboxamide)]}, a nonionic iodinated compound with a molecular weight of 1550, for the isolation of peroxisomes from rat liver was investigated. Centrifugation of light mitochondrial fractions in 20 to 40% (w/v) Iodixanol gradients, made iso-osmotic by the addition of sucrose, resulted in an excellent separation of peroxisomes from…

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Evaluating the genetic basis of anti-cancer property of Taxol in Saccharomyces cerevisiae model

Taxol has been regarded as one of the most successful anti-cancer drugs identified from natural sources to date. Although taxol is known to sensitize cells by stabilizing microtubules, its ability to cause DNA damage in peripheral blood lymphocytes, and to induce oxidative stress and apoptosis indicates that taxol may have other modes of cytotoxic action.…

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Arbor Assays | ELISA Kits, Detection Assays, & more

Arbor Assays is to construct the best high quality detection and immunoassay merchandise for clinically essential biomolecules. We construct strong immunoassay and enzyme exercise kits to quantitate biomolecules in organic matrices. The founders and high scientists from Arbor Assays have been researching and growing prime quality assay kits since 1982. We grew up making FDA-regulated…

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Pyroptosis in the Retinal Neurovascular Unit: New Insights Into Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is prevalent amongst folks with long-term diabetes mellitus (DM) and stays the main reason behind visible impairment in working-aged folks. DR is expounded to continual low-level inflammatory reactions. Pyroptosis is an rising kind of inflammatory cell loss of life mediated by gasdermin D (GSDMD), NOD-like receptors and inflammatory caspases that promote interleukin-1β…

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