SPHEROTM AccuCount Particles

spherotech accucount blank

Contains particles with a known number of particles per mL
• Easy to use and cost effective
• Available in several sizes to accommodate the target cell size to be counted
• Provided as blank, fluorescent, Rainbow, or Ultra Rainbow particles that can be used in multiple fluorescent channels of flow cytometers.

The SPHEROTM AccuCount Particles are designed to be used as reference particles with known number of particles per mL for counting the absolute cell number by flow cytometry. The SPHEROTM AccuCount Particles are very easy to use and are cost effective. The AccuCount Fluorescent Particles are fluorescent in FITC, PE and PE-Cy5 channel. Both AccuCount Fluorescent and AccuCount Blank (nonfluorescent) Particles are available in various particle sizes to accommodate the size of the cells to be counted. In addition, Spherotechalso manufactures the AccuCount Rainbow Fluorescent Particles and AccuCount Ultra Rainbow Fluorescent Particles for detection in more fluorescent channels.

spherotech accucount blank
spherotech accucount blank

Product Description

Category Micro/Nanoparticles
Supplier Spherotech
Regulatory Status RUO
Concentration 1E6/mL
Storage Conditions 2-8° C
Product Line Research
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Link To Supplier http://www.spherotech.com
Shipping Details Cold
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Assays for cell counting using flow cytometry and calibrated fluorescent particles are rapid and accurate. The single platform method that enumerates T-cells by counting the identifier cells in either a precise known cell volume or an internal ‘spike’ of a known number of calibrated fluorescent particles by flow cytometry is simple and efficient (1). These assays allow the counting of T-cells during anti-T-cell globulin treatment of cardiac, lung, and renal transplant patients (2). In addition, laboratories can determine the absolute count of CD4 and CD8 Tcells to estimate HIV disease progression with the single platform method (3). Calibrated fluorescent particles and
flow cytometry are also used to count platelets in a wide range of murine models of platelet disorders (4). It is also possible to count other various cell types with flow cytometry and calibrated fluorescent particles.

The accurate quantitation of cells in blood is crucial for precise determination of treatment procedures during clinical care. Flow cytometry and calibrated fluorescent particles have improved cell counting methods over predicated methods. In the past, multi-platform methods were used to quantitate T-cells. The conventional multi-platform method uses cell marker percentages from the flow cytometer and white blood cell count, percent lymphocytes, and absolute lymphocyte count from a hematology analyzer to enumerate T-cells in blood. Substantial variations in data have resulted between different laboratories using multi-platform methods.

These variations are due toan error created in each independent measurement which multiplies at consecutive steps during calculations. It is assured that the single-platform CD4 and CD8 T-cell determination technique is an acceptable alternative to the multi-platform method. Single-platform assays using a known number of reference particles resulted in significant and substantial improvements in laboratory-to-laboratory and within-laboratory precision over multiplatform methods for T-cell enumeration (1).