Infrared-Spectroscopic Study of (4-Methylpent-3-en-1-ynyl)methylthiocarbene, Its Photochemical Transformations, and Reactions in an Argon Matrix.

The first representative of singlet carbenes bearing both ethynyl and methylthio groups at the carbene center, (4-methylpent-3-en-1-ynyl)methylthiocarbene, has been generated in a low-temperature Ar matrix upon UV photolysis of 3,3-dimethyl-5-methylthioethynyl-3H-pyrazole and detected by FTIR spectroscopy. The generation of the carbene proceeds via intermediate (3-diazo-5-methylhex-4-en-1-ynyl)methylsulfane. The comparison of FTIR spectroscopy data with the results of quantum…

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Ultra Pure Gel

National Diagnostics Partner PROTOGEL

Catalog quantity: EC-890 Nationwide Diagnostics ProtoGel kinds an electrophoresis matrix that’s perfect for the separation of proteins and polypeptides. ProtoGel is a stabilized, ready-to-use 30% (w/v) acrylamide/methylene bisacrylamide resolution (37.5:1 ratio) manufactured from the very best high quality supplies from which nearly all impurities have been eliminated. ProtoGel has zero acrylic acid content material, eliminating the…

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